Coffee table “Tripod” black

The fusion of sturdiness and elegance, along with the blend of archaism and modernity, truly sets these tables apart as a distinctive feature in interior design. They go beyond being mere functional pieces and transcend into the realm of art, adding a unique touch to any space they occupy. As functional pieces of art, these tables offer more than just a surface for placing objects. They become focal points within a room, captivating attention and sparking conversation.

The utilization of paper pulp and cardboard as the main component might seem surprising, as paper is commonly perceived as delicate. However, through careful experimentation and the integration of other materials, the resulting mixture attains the desirable qualities of wood. The material acquires a natural texture and strength, ensuring its longevity and durability.

The resulting material not only mimics the strength of wood but also exhibits a natural texture reminiscent of its organic counterpart. This texture adds a tactile dimension to the tables, providing a sensory experience that combines visual appeal with a pleasing touch.

One remarkable attribute of this material is its slight elasticity. Unlike rigid materials that may be prone to splitting or crumbling under pressure, this table material exhibits a flexible nature, providing a level of resilience that enhances its longevity. Moreover, this material’s unique composition ensures that it retains its aesthetic appeal over time. The fusion of paper pulp and cardboard creates a surface that does not change color or degrade with age.

Side table is available in two colors: black, or mottled.
All products are handmade and unique, so they may differ slightly from the image in the photo.
Custom orders are available to accommodate your specific needs and preferences. Feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas.


Available on backorder

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 38 × 65 cm

Concrete, Recycled paper, Wood


dnt design

Production time

6-8 weeks

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